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Summer Training Guidlines

Summer Training

Summer training is administered through the Training and Graduates Unit (FTGU) in coordination with external organizations in the country. Each student is assigned a faculty member to be his summer training supervisor and a representative from the training organization to supervise and mentor him at work. Summer training supervisors are assigned at least 3 students from the program. The student’s performance is evaluated through the following:

  • A field evaluation by the representative of the training organization which is submitted to FER at the end of the training period,
  • Regular on-site visits by the summer training supervisor during the training period, and
  • A written report and oral presentation conducted by the student before his summer training supervisor at the first two-weeks of the semester following the training period.

Summer Training Manual


FER, through its Faculty Training and Graduates Unit (FTGU), works to keep in touch with its former students in order to leverage their experiences and achievements to benefit the current students. Alumni can help the college to review and assess educational objectives for its programs offering valuable insights from their own experiences

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