Faculty of Engineering Rabigh Branch

Research Unit


Scientific Research is truly one of the indicators of a country’s ambition to become an advanced country in near future. Realizing this, the Research Unit is formed to address the hot scientific issues and research topics that fulfill national requirements. The unit is also meant to provide technical support and guidance to the academic staff to enhance the research in the Faculty of engineering. The Research Unit is acting as a link between the Faculty of Engineering Rabigh and Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR), KAU – Jeddah.


RU is looking to be the top in publishing scientific papers and having top number of research grants among the Rabigh Branch.


Research Unit works with faculty members to perform innovative, relevant and meaningful applied research to solve academic and industrial problems by applying state-of-the-art methods and technologies.


Seeks unity of scientific research with faculty members to high-level research work to be able to solve the problems of Scientific and Industrial

Functions of the unit

• Provide research facilities for faculty members and make them available and convenient for them.

• To attract the best researchers, as well as local and international talent who wish to conduct research in areas of interest identified by the university on the basis of national needs.

• Seek to conduct funded research and advisory services.

• Cooperation with local and international institutions to achieve common goals and research programs.

• Develop and support vital research culture that supports innovation and serve the workers and the university together.

• State resources development of research productivity
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